Intoxicated Patrons


Selling alcohol to obviously intoxicated patrons contributes to excessive consumption which can lead to numerous public health problems such as motor vehicle crashes, assaults, and other violent crime

Below are a list of recommended alcohol control policies for bars and restaurants to use to reduce sales to intoxicated patrons and reduce patron intoxication levels.


Recommended Policies for Bars and Restaurants:

Do not sell alcohol to intoxicated patrons
This establishment will under no circumstances serve alcoholic beverage to anyone appearing obviously intoxicated.

Measure all drinks
This establishment will only serve measured drinks (i.e., no free-pouring).

Promote food and non-alcoholic beverages
This establishment will encourage promotion of food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Notify arriving staff
This establishment requires all staff at the end of their shifts to notify arriving staff about the intoxication status of their customers.

Guaranteed 15% gratuity
This establishment will guarantee all servers a 15% gratuity if alcohol service is refused and the guest does not leave a tip.

Do not announce last call
This establishment will not announce last call. All alcohol service will stop one-half hour before closing time to prevent excessive drinking in a short amount of time.