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    11.6.210 Levine Less E, McKee P, Toomey TL, Nelson TF, Erickson DJ, Xiong S, Jones-Webb R. Matching study areas using Google Street View: A new application for an emerging technology. Evaluation and Program Planning 53:72-79, 2015.

    11.6.159 Wagenaar AC, Harwood EM, Silianoff C, Toomey TL. Measuring public policy: The case of beer keg registration laws. Evaluation and Program Planning 28:359–367, 2005.

    11.6.135 Fletcher LA, Erickson DJ, Toomey TL, Wagenaar AC. Handheld computers: A feasible alternative to paper forms for field data collection. Evaluation Review, 27(2):165-178, 2003.

    11.6.119 LaFond CL, Toomey TL, Rothstein C, Manning W, Wagenaar AC. Policy evaluation research: Measuring the independent variables. Evaluation Review, 24(1):92-101, 2000.


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